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Time to Let Go


Seems like a month ago you were born,

When rattles were used, diapers were worn,

Dependent on me for everything,

As I sang to you, you'd grin and cling.


Seems like a week ago you did crawl,

When you saw a bug you'd shriek and call,

Your Little Tikes Toys kept you content,

Known dangers were my role to prevent.


Seems like a day ago, maybe two,

When I was awesome, at least to you,

When Hot Wheels and Tonka were so cool,

A plastic hammer was a real tool.


Like hours ago, you learned to run,

Chasing fireflies was our night's fun,

I was allowed to over protect,

Kisses healed pains which life did project.


Like minutes ago, but it was not,

I run next to you, myself I caught,

Not wanting to let go, know I must,

In your abilities I must trust.


Hours and minutes merge from the past,

My heart pounding hard, you're going fast,

knowing  injuries you must endure,

More severe than those which kisses cure.


Seems like yesterday time went by slow,

I know it is time I must let go,

I take a deep breath, my grasp is gone,

Whisper I love you as you go on.


Minutes have gone by yet I refrain,

Watching you go caused my heart great pain,

Your bike seat seemed glued; my grasp was tight,

Your pride in yourself was a grand sight.


Today just a bike no training wheels,

Yes, this is how a mom often feels,

Know pain you'd feel, the past departed,

See my letting go has just started.

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Copyright 2001
Tami L. Andreasen Bennett