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Long Term Care

You're here to make a difference,

but what did you do today?

Did you put aside paper work,

what did you kindly say?

Did you get fresh coffee for Mae,

knowing your meeting could wait?

Take the time to hug and kiss her,

it's ok to be late.

Did you try to relieve some pain,

or blame it on their old age?

Did you rush by the sing-a-long,

teach one to turn a page?

Did you pass a pained frightened look,

on one so new and so scared?

Take the time to reassure them,

that someone really cared?

Did you approach the silent one,

that just stared off into space?

Take precious time to make them laugh,

share your needed embrace?

Did you listen to the sailor,

and build up his shrinking pride?

And talk to the lonesome widow,

caress one as they cried?

You're here to make a difference,

but what did you do and say?

Tomorrow you won't get the chance,

to love their loss away.

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Copyright 2003
Tami L. Andreasen Bennett