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Just Me


I am not a racecar driver,

I have no need for speed,

I have not one desire,

to be rich or to succeed.


I am not a fashion model,

nor a politician,

I don't have a need to win,

not into competition.


I will not win a Nobel Prize,

masterpiece I won't paint,

I cannot be a pastor,

for I am far from a saint.


But I held a lonely widow,

as she cried and told me,

how her husband had just died,

as she held him lovingly.


I planned a wonderful party,

it may be their last one,

I watched them laugh, sing and dance,

their pain left as they had fun.


I massaged the sore feet of one,

as she laid there dying,

then I held her precious son,

who couldn't stop his crying.


I must have hugged fifty people,

patients, staff, family,

I'm not a special person,

for I can only be me.

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Copyright 2004
Tami L. Andreasen Bennett