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I Want

I want to take you in my arms,

heal the pain in your heart,

Listen to you talk for hours;

I don't know how to start.


I want to curl up in your arms,

 listen to your heartbeat,

No longer having to be tough,

Oh, life would be so sweet.


I want to look into your eyes,

your strong hand on my face,

watch you dreaming while you're sleeping,

and melt in your embrace.


I want to sit and watch the stars,

your arms around me tight,

slow dance under the glowing moon,

where everything's just right.


I want to hold you when you're sad,

massage you when you're sore,

I want you to know I love you,

it's you that I adore.


I want to be romanced by you,

 know what you think and feel,

I want to take you in my arms,

your pain I want to heal.

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Copyright 2004
Tami L. Andreasen Bennett