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David Earl Savage, Jr.

I am Swede Savage, please don’t forget me,
and smile at, my great legacy.

Soap Box Derby days, at the age of five,
I loved to laugh, and I loved to drive.

Bridgehampton Can-Am, 4th in '68,
My 2nd place, at Rockingham, was great.

Parnelli Jones' 'Stang, 69's great ride,
Remember I was, Doc and Joettas pride.

The quarter midget, “Bucket of Bolts” car,
They knew I would, be a shooting star.

Road America, Go-karts and dirt bikes,
I tried it all, had so many likes.

Indy cars first place, 150 Bobby Ball,
42 to me, the best number of all.

Digger loved my wig, on my helmet with glue,
Gary Kelly, tried to win at pool.

Gary Wheelers laughs, as alarms rang at two,
Funny how Chris, didn’t have a clue.

Monte and Lora, getting me in Fords,
How can I say thanks, there aren’t enough words.

Ken’s backwards riding, in the desert sand,
I was laughing, too hard to lend a hand.

San Bernardino hills, riding bikes 'til dark,
Evil Knievel's stunt show, at Ascot Park

Sheryl's great cookies, made with love for me,
My precious children, Angela and Shelly.

The Pinochle champ, Pat was my teammate,
Jim and Sheryl knew, Pat and I were great.

I took some chances, that’s really living,
You stood by me, unselfishly giving.

Knowing my life dream, was racing Indy,
Your support helped me, live my life fully.

I want you to go on, live life completely,
We will meet in heaven, please don’t forget me.

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