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Palming the Wall


In the dark of the night,

When others would yell,

I escaped to a place,

That I knew so well.


I would reach out for him,

While in bed I lie,

Placed my hand on the wall,

Alone I would cry.


My palm on the cold wall,

As tears streaked my face,

I needed his comfort,

His warm strong embrace.


Slowly the wall would warm,

Warm my hand's cold touch,

I'd feel safe and secure,

Truly loved so much.


I would drift off to sleep,

His hand holding mine,

Dreamt he said he loved me,

Our hearts intertwine.


In the dark of the night,

Across desert sand,

I felt so loved and safe,

As he held my hand.

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Copyright 2003
Tami L. Andreasen Bennett