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Happy Anniversary

Through the past ten years

We have shared so much,

Our laughter and tears,

And our babies' touch.

Expanded distance

Between us, and pain,

We've acted mature

And acted insane.

Our wallets have shrunk

And our girths have spread,

Gray hair has sprouted

On top of our heads.

Wrinkles have appeared,

It seems over night,

You don't seem to care

That I look a fright.

Have the same interests,

We share everything,

You don't criticize

When I try to sing.

We've faced challenges

And bonded through them,

Though on the rebound

We were not a whim.

Years seem so many

Yet they seem so few,

Gone by so quickly

Since I fell for you.

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Copyright 1999
Tami L. Andreasen Bennett