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Pray for Oklahoma

Confused innocent eyes with blood-streaked faces,

all ages became victims, so did all races.

Destruction caused by a bomb left in a car,

parents wearing masking tape to show who they are.


Terrorism, a psycho, or cult's revenge,

searchers climb over corpses, the news makes us cringe.

A thirty-foot wide crater that's eight feet deep,

gouged a nine story hole where their babies did sleep.


Glass, plaster, and debris tossed like confetti,

with dollhouse exposed floors for reasons so petty.

Loved ones frantically search, hospitals are full,

morgues are being set up for a rising death toll.


Our president, Clinton, on TV last night,

asked our great nation to pray for this awful sight.

Governor Keating did too, as did others,

pray for these children, their fathers, and their mothers.


Assistant Chief Hansen reassured victims,

they'll do all in God's power to reach all of them.

Our patients and employees said special prayers,

as they watched these poor people through their falling tears.


But our nation's children couldn't pray right then,

because the schools cannot allow prayer to come in.

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Copyright 1997
Tami L. Andreasen Bennett