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Interdisciplinary Team

They requested a story about how we care,

Of just one component, about one person here.

Yet each one of these components, like our great team,

Work better together it is what makes us beam.


From the housekeeper that asks the resident near,

About pictures she’s dusting of those he finds dear.

The receptionist that stops to button his coat,

The maintenance man that helps him read his kid's note.


Medical records singing as they dance down halls,

The true ED that listens and stops taking calls.

All the dietary staff serve with a smile,

Social services who goes the extra mile.


Nursing wakes him with sunshine, tucks him in at night,

Our laundry keeps him fresh, looking sunny and bright.

Administration that stops, listens to each word,

And the RNAC that care plans for eyes that are blurred.


Transportation that drives him on outings and such,

Activities that keeps him absorbed in so much.

Bookkeeping that does explain the same thing each week,

Therapy that took the time, gave his chair a tweak.


We all choose this attitude, we all truly care, 

We all laugh, love and hug; it is why we are here.

The doctors prescribe his meds to keep him alive,

Yet our team gives him reason to live and to thrive!

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Copyright 2004
Tami L. Andreasen Bennett