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Secrets Houses Hide


 As I travel down the street,

 Wonder what secrets houses keep.

 With perfect trimmed lawns of green,

 I wonder what those walls have seen.


Windows glowing in the night,

Who is loving and who does fight?

Which houses hide hearts so torn,

Who is laughing, who does mourn?


Funny how they look the same,

Were their owners caught up in fame?

Did they work 'till morning light,

Or tuck their kids in bed at night?


Were hurtful words said inside,

Did loving arms hold one that cried?

Did music flow in a room,

Or did the night bring pain and gloom?


What secrets do houses keep,

Do owners laugh or do they weep?

All the same on the outside,

What secrets do these houses hide?

Scott and Scotty

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Copyright 2005
Tami L. Andreasen Bennett