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Ivory Pipe

The Ivory bowl,

with intricate design,

aware of its role,

in making one feel fine.


Pleasing to the eye,

for only a short time,

not used you deny,

it's chance to reach it's prime.


Gently hold it tight,

overlook any flaw,

focus on what's right,

see more than others saw.


Stroke it with your hands,

taste it with your soft lips,

escape from demands,

sail on ivory ships.


Slowly add a blend,

that is distinctly you,

together you spend,

a special rendezvous.


Add the burning flame,

be careful not to waste,

close your eyes, refrain,

inhale the warm sweet taste.


Let it flow through you,

aromas stroke your soul,

live and escape to,

your sweet ivory bowl.

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Copyright 2004
Tami L. Andreasen Bennett