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Art Pollard's Shoes


If you just think about it

it is quite impossible to,

fill the remarkable shoes

of the Art Pollard I knew.


Focused on racing; trophies

prove his determination,

yet his family was built

with love and dedication.


Busy when he worked & raced

yet practiced sports with his son,

yes, I do believe his shoes

can be filled by no one.


He did travel to races

with family at his side,

Winning races so often

he filled all of us with pride.


My dad had the need for speed

and values that touched each fan,

and still thirty years later

they talk of this first class man.


I, Mike, cannot wear his shoes

though racing flows through my head,

so when I race my corvettes

I'll wear his helmet instead.

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Tami L. Andreasen Bennett