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Life is like a candle in the night,

At first it burns so strong and bright,

Taken for granted by so many,

Just missed when there isn't any.


With neglect's strong wind the flame can go,

While there is wick left light can flow,

Needed and noticed as it shines there,

The flame burns bright with little care.


Seeping wax of our laughter and tears,

Memories of our yesteryears,

Tranquility flickers to and fro,

Like a blown out flame life can go.


Life starts to fade at the candle's base,

Drips of tears too hard to erase,

Once all burned out there's no need to try,

No wick to light we say goodbye.


Some candles fade slowly in the night,

Warning us of their dimming light,

Some candles burn out to our surprise,

Not giving time to say goodbyes.


Life is like a candle in the night,

We're not guaranteed of its light,

Don't take for granted its lovely glow,

Love each moment before they go.

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Copyright 2000
Tami L. Andreasen Bennett