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Weather War


A warm air mass is approaching

from the dry sweltering south,

bringing a heat wave to the east

from the Gulf of Mexico's mouth.


The chilly air from Canada,

is also racing toward the east,

the two wage war on each other

to prove which is the stronger beast.


They boast of their strength as they near,

their vast shadows darken the sky,

drops of rain coat the battlefield

as if angels in heaven cry.


These opposite air masses clash,

the fighting giants are now here,

swords of glistening lightning strike,

echo's of thunder fill the air.


The northern air turns rain to hail,

the southern air brings blowing wind,

strikes of lightning begin to fade,

and soon their fierce battle will end.


The warm air mass has won the fight

bringing humidity and heat,

the cool air was chased far away

to the north it starts to retreat.

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Copyright 2004
Tami L. Andreasen Bennett