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Perfect Hello

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I'm not one for going out,
So lonely, I regret,
Well until I met you,
on the internet.
At long last I see you,
Standing in front of me,
I finally get the chance,
To hold you lovingly.
Your eyes look into mine,
My heart beats rapidly,
Your warm breath on my neck,
You’re finally holding me.
I tremble with your touch,
So gentle on my face,
My nails slide down your back,
Lost in your strong embrace.
Your lips slightly parted,
Oh, how they taste so sweet,
I moan as you kiss me,
We finally get to meet.
You whisper "I love you,"
You tremble in my arms,
Tears start to burn my eyes,
Overwhelmed by your charms.
Your kiss harder now,
Our passions start to flow,
You’re the man of my dreams,
With the perfect "Hello."
TLAB 2005

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