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Muddy Boots

So you are angry, he doesn't care,
tracking in mud, every where.
Complaints of his,insensitivity,
your clean floor he didn't see.

You feel you'll clean your life away,
waiting on him every day.
Just clean it up, and smile,
it only takes a little while.

I'm not foolish, I just see,
some things in life, differently.
When his snoring, keeps me awake,
when he has eaten, the sale things I bake.

For cans he failed, to throw away,
for all the laundry, I did today.
Dirty boots, don't make me angry,
they brought my man, home to me.

I'll clean this mess, while others are mourning,
God took their man, without warning.
When he's gone, I'll wish he was here,
tracking in mud,everywhere.

Copyright 2002
Tami L. Andreasen Bennett

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