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    They are adding an addition to the building next door,
    Every day I watch them and miss you more.

    All the sounds and sights take me back to yesterday,
    In memories of the past, I fade away.

    It takes them forever, to hit one little nail in,
    "My dad can do it better", I think and I grin.

    When they stop for coffee breaks, like we used to do,
    I think of cupcakes, one for me, one for you.

    I can see the sweat dripping off your nose, in the heat,
    Id break in your boots, cuz I have wide feet.

    I can hear you whistle, as I watch them pour cement,
    Remember your thermos, with the tractor dent?

    I can see flaws in their work, and I am so proud I do,
    All was done to perfection, when done by you.

    I see the dolls in the outhouse, in Bermuda Dunes,
    I hear you whistle and sing, yesterday's tunes.

    Your pride was obvious when people would come and say,
    "I see you brought your little helper, with you today."

    Oh, dad I love you, it is hard not to cry,
    Every day I am reminded, how time slips by.

    I watch them build, and want so much to slip away,
    And be a child again, like yesterday.

    Every day I watch them, and whisper quietly,
    "Dad I love you, thanks for loving me."

    Copyright 1999
    Tami L. Andreasen Bennett

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